"Steve Meckley owns an apple orchard and cider mill and has been subjected to the dishonest and unconstitutional lockdowns and mandates from Michigan's government. Steve stood up and fought against these restrictive mandates. He will protect the constitution and help restore our freedoms that have been eroded. Steve has my full endorsement and I will call on our entire grassroots network to fight for Steve by volunteering, donating, and knocking doors."
Matthew Deperno, MI State Attorney General Candidate
"I am supporting Steve because I know he is a strong Republican conservative who has served as an elected official and successfully managed his own business. Steve is a very friendly person that is committed and has the strength of character to keep fighting for limited government and the kind of economy that has made America great."
Nick Smith, Former Michigan Congressman 7th District
"I believe Steve has the stamina and knowledge, to challenge the other state representatives and speak the desired causes of our district."
Andy Welden, Former County Commissioner
"If you’re tired of politics as usual from the RINO’s, we should elect people like Steve Meckley. Based on his business experience, character and passion for his community, Steve will uphold the fundamental role of governance “We the people, By the people, For the people”. Steve will lead WITH YOUR INTERESTS at the top of his list. I support Steve Meckley… so should you."
Anthony P. Hurst President of The Hurst Foundation
Michigan Trump Republicans
Young Americans for Liberty
Students for Life Action
Great Lakes Gun Rights PAC
Hillsdale County Republican Party
Jon Smith, Secretary of the Hillsdale County Republican Party
John Burtka Former County Commissioner
Scott Burns, Former Somerset Township Supervisor/Local Business Owner
Adam Stockford Hillsdale Mayor
Daren Wisely Hillsdale County Republican Party Chair/Constitutional Attorney
Jon Rutan, Hillsdale Justice Project/Former Sheriff Candidate